Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Amy Rintoul 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

Hey, My name is Amy! I am passionate about Design [specifically UX/UI]. During my time at IADT, I worked on a variety of projects, ranging from designing websites to making 3D Unity games to building VR applications. As much as I loved working on each project, my love for design has grown massively!

Project Description

Pre-purchase car inspections are conducted independently of car dealerships, with the primary purpose of ensuring that the client's future vehicle is safe, roadworthy, and not a waste of money.
- Know before you buy.
Each examination looks at over 100 elements, including the engine, gearbox and chassis, as well as minor issues.
One of the company's highly skilled technicians will carry out the inspection.
The final application is built using the MERN stack, with the frontend (mobile app) developed using React Native, the database is hosted on MongoDB and the backend/server which is an Express/NodeJS application. The API is used to access account data and Appointments, Reports, Services, Chats and Vehicles.