Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Maria Malone 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

Hello there! My name is Maria Malone. Over the last few years, I developed a love for miniatures. Combining this with my love for old, aged things, my final project was born. I have a strong passion for creativity and an unwavering love for modelmaking. As I move forward in my career, I am excited to continue exploring my passion for art and design, always looking for new challenges to push my creativity to the limit.

Abandoned Toy Shop

I wanted to create a project that showcased my love for the art and craft of modelmaking, while also telling a meaningful story. That's when I came up with the idea for the fertility crisis miniature film set.

The project is a 1:12 scale model of a toy shop that has been abandoned for roughly ten years due to the lack of children. Through the intricate details of the set, including the meticulously crafted building, street, and details, I wanted to communicate the sense of tragedy and deterioration in the story.

Creating the model was incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Designing, fabricating & finishing a totally self-directed project was a first, and at times, a challenge. It required a lot of patience and attention to detail to capture the right emotions and atmosphere, but seeing the final result was incredibly satisfying.

Overall, this project was a labour of love that allowed me to showcase my skills as a model-maker, while also highlighting the capacity of art to convey a powerful message.