Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Emilia Rigaud 

BA [Hons] Photography

Emilia Rigaud is a photographic artist who reflects on the fragility of life through analog photography and small-scale installations. Her style utilizes light that is at the same time hazy soft, but penetratingly bright, that resembles a captivating daydream that sets above the spaces and people in her photos. Rigaud strives to find the ethereal in the every day, as she creates photographs in which time ceases to exist for a small moment - before inexorably disappearing to the past. Her work has been published FUTURES Photography (2023), PhotoIreland Festival (2020-2022), Emerge Magazine(2021), District Magazine (2020), and PhotoVogue (Portfolio 2020).

Bodies of Water

Water is an embodiment of environmental materiality, it is a planetary habitat and boundary, giving life to us all. There is a direct link from a watery womb to a watery world. Descriptions and definitions of waters are primarily feminine and maternal. In the french language, the word for sea (mer) and mother (mère) is pronounced in the same way, making to connection obvious. Water is a life-giving liquid to all species, creating an intense dependency, it is everyone's breast milk. Changing how we think about our bodies, will change how we think about water and thus our embodied relation to it. This fluidic challenge, asks us to reimagine water, thus reimagining our bodies and all of the connections between them.