Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Amy Caulfield 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi there, I’m Amy and I'm a designer from Monaghan. I’m most passionate about identity design, UI/UX and design for good. During my time in IADT, I had my branding work chosen by Cherrywood National School to use for their identity and my poster design was shortlisted in the top 3 by RIAM. Last summer I gained great experience as an intern in Lucky Lot and also working freelance designing motion and print outputs for a several Dublin based-clients including a local DJ collective, a rock-climbing centre and a short film director. I’m very excited for you to see mine and my lovely classmates' work!


Giglist is an app created by the Musicians Council Ireland to promote small artists who self-release and create music. This app aims to put money directly into the hands of local artists by raising the visibility of their live shows and promoting the special and intimate nature of small live music gigs.

It does this by promoting these artist’s live shows on a digital repository that is easy to navigate and has a fun and eye-catching visual identity. By promoting small gigs it creates greater accessibility for the apps target audience who are 18-30 year olds. By bringing these gigs to this audience giglist helps build communities around music and creates support networks for the artists. Basically, it's a groupie generator for emerging artists, and fun event engine for audiences.

The brand copywriting also focuses on the aspects that are unique to small live music events. This app is promoted on the artist’s social media pages as well as at all live shows associated with gig list to increase the users of the platform.

Global Pop-star or ‘Just Somebody’s Daughter?”: Billie Eilish and Representations of Contemporary Female Identities

In my extended thesis I explore how the pop-star Billie Eilish conforms and deviates from the expectations of celebrity performance.

Billie Eilish’s behaviour and her body image and presentation have been a source of much discussion throughout her career. When she initially became famous, much of the media interest around her was due to the fact that she wore baggy clothes that hid her figure. This was in direct opposition to the behaviour most female pop-stars of her level of fame. When she embraced her adult female sexuality and started to wear dresses and show her skin, she sparked a renewed frenzy of conversations around female sexuality and autonomy.

In my thesis I compared Eilish’s performance with that of other similar successful female pop-stars and concluded that Eilish maintains a much higher level of control over her portrayal in the media. I also examined how, within the dominant cultural structures of patriarchy and neoliberalism, this control is always limited and confined by those structures. While Eilish is a revolutionary figure in many ways, as a product of culture she also ultimately replicates and upholds many gender and political norms.