Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Derek Reid 

BSc [Hons] Creative Computing

After 12 years at home as a stay-at-home parent I decided to retrain and upskill. Having consulted with a career guidance officer in KWETB, it was suggested I pursue a computing course in BIFE. This was a level 5 course which after completing I felt I required more training before entering the workplace. After participating in a Summer Course where we visited 5 colleges over a week to get a feel for each, it confirmed that my choice of IADT was the right one for me. After my four years in IADT I am ready to join the workforce. Thanks

Coffee Cars QrCodes

The idea behind my final year major project is of a Car community that display their vehicles at venues around the country. I wanted to highlight these venues to the local community, so that they could enjoy and partake in these events. To this end I developed Coffee Cars and QRcodes to incorporate all the venues, This Qrcode can be displayed on a flyer in coffee shops where the events takeplace, with a scanable QRcode which will bring them to the web application.

Project Objectives

Coffee Cars QRcodes was developed to connect car enthusiasts with a community of car owners that display their cars, classic, vintage, modern and modified at venues throughout the country. These enthusiasts are a close nit community, and I wanted to help the local communities where the events take place get to know and appreciate the vehicles and participants on show. I also hoped with the application to develop a friendly space where users can like and develop friendships with likeminded people.

Coffee Cars QrCodes

The Thesis for this project explains the research and development that has gone into develop the project. It looks at existing platforms, applications, and their short comings. It also looks at the architecture to build the backend and frontend to power the application. It looks at application