Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Isaré Sánchez Gómez 

BA [Hons] Production Design

Hi, I'm Isaré! I'm a Production Designer, born In Spain and specialized in Design for Stage and Screen, Production in IADT, Ireland. I am a designer who enjoys creating worlds of all kinds of styles, from the most realistic to the most abstract, always trying to create breathtaking content. As a professional, I enjoy achieving my goals and working with dedicated teams. Thanks to my dedication I have managed to work on several projects, including travelling to Hungary to shoot a Netflix series. I have been trained in various skills such as the use of programs like Rhino 7, AutoCAD, Photoshop, illustrator and many more, in addition to my passion for set decoration.

The Path of the Archer

This little story teaches us how to deal with our goals in life through a metaphor, the steps an archer must follow to become a master of the arrow, which is why I created a connection between the archer's path and the design process of an artist, the steps a designer follows to reach our target. I designed a building (Rhino 7, digital) that would hold 5 different floors that contain the different parts of the design process: Research, Sketching, Construction Drawings, The First Models and The Final Design. Each part is connected to a step of the path, some examples will be seen later. For the Major, I decided to learn how to use Rhino 7 and I combined it with other programmes such as AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop and Vray.

Objectification of the Female Body in Almodóvar’s films from the 1980s to the 2000s

The female body has always been the object of "inspiration" or sexualisation in the art world, and with the innovation of recent years, it has been brought into the world of cinema. In this work, we will talk specifically about a prominent Spanish director who has had international success, Pedro Almodóvar. With the excuse of selling a supposedly feminist cinema by focusing much more on female characters, we will see throughout this dissertation an evolution to the worse of his sexist content, starting with this film Tie me up tie me down! (1989), passing through Kika (1993) and ending with the hardest one, Talk to Her (2002). The common points of the three films are the abuse and involuntary submission, as well as the sexualisation of the female figure without treating it with much respect, but rather presenting it as something normal, comical or excusable. We’ll also see how all of his work is influenced by the recent Spanish dictatorship and the situation in Spain after that.