Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Becky Corrigan 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

My name is Becky, I’m twenty two years old and I’m from Wicklow. I am a fourth year Creative Music Production student at IADT. I'm a composer and producer. I am interested in music theory, programming and technology. I have specialised in music software development, audio for games, sound design and assistive technology. Going forward in my career, I am looking forward to utilizing the skills I have acquired over the past four years.

Project Description

The question driving my research is can music, colour and technology assist people with disabilities to communicate their feelings more effectively? The overall aim of the project was to create an interactive app which would creatively express colour and emotion through the medium of music. The research project has allowed me to discover the benefits of using music as a form of therapy. I have discovered that developing an assistive technology app can make music more accessible.
The subject of the research is significant because it has the potential to create a new form of communication through music and improve emotional recognition for individuals who struggle to communicate their emotions.
This project has the ability to develop into a resource that can be used as an aid to people with disabilities and improve their day to day lives.

Using music, colour, and technology to improve emotional recognition for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Often referred to simply as ASD, autism spectrum disorder is a neurological condition. Typically, the developmental disorder is diagnosed during the first two years of life. The characteristics of autism include challenges with social interaction and repetitive behaviours. A combination of behavioural therapy and educational support is typically used as a treatment method. Although some individuals with autism have excellent interpersonal skills and communication abilities, other individuals with this disorder may have difficulty recognizing and expressing emotions.
The aim of this study was to investigate whether or not musical engagement could improve the emotional awareness of autistic people. The objective of this endeavour was to develop an application with the goal of improving emotional recognition. In order to establish whether there exists any potential for improvement in the chosen field, the study examined the correlation between music, technology, and colour, as well as how these factors relate to emotions. A social worker was interviewed to determine whether music can be effective in enhancing emotional awareness, and the results indicated that it certainly can.
This investigation has provided insight into a number of key factors which have been discussed and how these factors may contribute to the advancement of individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In light of these findings, it is pertinent that future research pays particular attention to the aforementioned aspects. This study is primarily aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of music as a tool for enhancing communication skills. As a result, users are able to practice recognizing and expressing their feelings in a safe and enjoyable setting.