Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Anna Brick 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi! I'm Anna. I am a graduating designer with a love for colour, print and motion. I enjoy projects that try to make a difference. This is reflected in my major project which hopes to help combat young women's fear of ageing and in my thesis which I wrote on breast cancer awareness campaigns in Ireland.

In Conversation

Many young women are worried about getting older. Society stigmatises visible ageing in women. Over a quarter of women under 25 admit that they regularly worry about signs of ageing. 78% of women over 50 believe that beauty focusses on fighting rather than embracing ageing. This project created a magazine, In Conversation, to try to combat this fear of getting older in young women. It is a quarterly magazine which contains articles about women over the age of forty. This issue contains articles on topics such as sea swimming, solo travel, bee keeping and making change. The articles are a mixture of written material, photography and bold typography.

Pretty In Pink?

This thesis analysed breast cancer awareness campaigns in Ireland from a feminist perspective. It looked at the history of breast cancer awareness in the United States as Ireland's breast cancer campaigns take their lead from breast cancer culture in the United States. It argued that the impact of these modern campaigns on women with breast cancer can often be alienating, whether or not this is the intention. I did this by analysing three specific Irish campaigns, the “Great Pink Run” run by Breast Cancer Ireland, “Glam Up Your Bra” run by the Marie Keating Foundation and “What Colour Is Your Breast Cancer” run by the Marie Keating Foundation. I found that corporate sponsorship played a big part the tone of breast cancer campaigns in Ireland.