Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lucy Maher 

BA [Hons] Costume Design

I developed my love for costume design at a young age. Growing up I was involved in theatre and acting on a television series. It was here that I was introduced to the costume department and found my passion for creating visually compelling and engaging characters through the use of clothing. I have a strong desire to further develop my knowledge and abilities in the field of costume design, and I'm excited to explore every avenue to broaden my expertise.

Major Project

For my final major project, I chose The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. I set my costumes designs in the Regency period as the elegance and refined fashion captures the essence of the fantasy world depicted in the story.

Thesis: Addiction in Contemporary USA TV Shows

Addiction is a pervasive theme in contemporary USA television shows, representing a wide range of addictive behaviours, including substance abuse, gambling, and sex. These shows explore the multifaceted and complex nature of addiction, shedding light on the personal struggles and social consequences that individuals and their loved ones face when dealing with addiction. The portrayal of addiction in contemporary TV shows is often gritty and realistic, highlighting the devastating effects of addiction on individuals and their communities. Through depictions of characters struggling with addiction, these shows aim to raise awareness and promote understanding of the issue. They also aim to destigmatize addiction and encourage those who are struggling to seek help. While some have criticised these shows for glamorising or oversimplifying addiction, they have also sparked important conversations about the topic and brought it to the forefront of popular culture. Moreover, addiction in these shows is not just limited to individual experiences, but also reflects larger societal issues, such as neoliberal culture. Through its depictions of addiction, contemporary USA TV shows offer a platform for raising awareness and facilitating discussions on the complex and often stigmatised issue of addiction, with the ultimate goal of promoting compassion, empathy, and understanding.