Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Ian Fallon 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Ian Fallon is an aspiring writer/director from Kildare majoring in directing and minoring in sound design at the National Film School at IADT. Ian is interested in depicting complicated male sexuality and telling personal stories, especially those in the psychological horror genre. His short documentary Poulaphouca premiered at the 67th Cork International Film Festival and won the Best Irish Documentary at the 2023 Story International Student Documentary Festival. Also in 2023, Ian won the Youth Music Video Competition for his music video for Nightmares by Paddy Hanna. His grad film AMŒBA will begin its festival run this year.

AMŒBA [Graduate Film]

AMŒBA is a queer psychological horror written and directed by Ian. After surviving a brain eating parasite, Levi, a young queer man, is invited to his secondary school crush Roan's house for the weekend. Waking up from an intoxicated night of reconnecting, Levi becomes convinced Roan kissed him. As Levi seeks the truth of what happened, his grip on begins to begins to disintegrate.

AMŒBA is a big and bold graduate production with a challenging storyline centring queer trauma in the horror genre. With impressive performances and surreal storytelling, AMŒBA is not a film you can forget anytime soon.

Anger & The PsychoDrama [Thesis]

In this thesis, I explore the context of the early American Avant-Garde cinema scene and one of its most infamous personalities, the iconoclast filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Influenced heavily by the rise in popularity of both surrealism and psychoanalysis, American Avant-Garde cinema was still a burgeoning artform by the time Anger came along in the late 1940s with his breakout short film Fireworks.

Growing up in the eye of the Hollywood Hurricane, Anger's indomitable passion for film established itself at an early age. By his late teens, he had developed a keen competence in the craft of filmmaking and an acute literacy and appreciation for the Avant-Garde. Ever since the release of Fireworks, Anger has played an invaluable role in American film with his transgressive career spanning more than six decades. His work has been incredibly influential on both the Avant-Garde and mainstream cinematic scenes, inspiring a full range of filmmakers from David Lynch to Martin Scorsese.

In this thesis, I interrogate how a precocious Anger made use of his literacy in the Avant-Garde, technical proficiency in filmmaking, and a developing trend in the surrounding Avant-Garde cinema of the time called the "psychodrama", to bring his sadomasochistic, oneiric film Fireworks to fruition and forever change the trajectory of his career.