Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Mella Carron 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

Mella Carron is a mature student who studied New Media Studies and finished her degree in 2023. While Mella's background and passions focus on music and acting, she was able to expand her skills and developed an interest in working behind the camera, writing her own material, editing and producing short films, podcasts and documentaries. Mella discovered her love of research and interviewing within the course, and felt encouraged to express, create and evolve her skillset. She set up her own business in 3rd Year after taking part in the Enterprise Bootcamp, and launched her business 'Par-Tea At Home' which is an innovative afternoon tea party delivered to your door.

‘To what extent does Daniel Craig’s Bond reverse the objectification and sexualisation of the “Bond Girl” character in the 007 franchise?’

Mella’s research focused on the sexualisation and objectification of the female ‘Bond Girl’ characters in the 007 franchise, centralized on the Daniel Craig Era. Mella’s video essay takes a deeper look into the sexualisation and objectification of women within the franchise, and is available to watch above. Mella presents her opinions on the topic, and discusses whether we will see a change in the characterisation of the ‘Bond Girl’ character.