Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Scott Li 

BA [Hons] Photography

Scott Li is an Irish born Chinese artist based in Dublin Ireland. His work centres around documentary and landscape. His current body of work explores the World War I scarred French landscape and the lost unsung soldiers. Traditionally a colour-centred visual artist, this new work is his attempt at a dive into world of black and white in a not so black and white topic.

Scars Thereafter and Over

‘Scars Thereafter & Over' is a project which explores the wasteful loss of life of countless unknown soldiers in France during World War I. Having become another faceless figure on a report, these unknown soldiers names are perhaps lost forever, but whose remains, now over one hundred year later, are a permanent part of the scarred French Landscape.

Intelligence, Redactions and Censorship - The Reasons Behind Classifying and Declassifying a Photograph

This thesis explores the use of photography in intelligence gathering, its censorship and the reasons which it is done so. This thesis will explore this topic through the Vietnam War, the War on Terror, Iraq and the idea of OPSEC censorship of photographs.