Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Kamile Vaitkeviciute 

BA [Hons] Photography

Kamile is a Lithuanian born, Dublin based photographer. Currently Kamile's practice revolves around experimental photography and representation of inner emotions and their portrayal on physical bodies through the uses of analogue and polaroid photography. Most of Kamile's work centres around mental health as well as inner conflicts which are then translated into work that attempts to shed light on unexplainable experiences and emotional dialogues. The purpose of Kamile's body of work is to evoke emotions in the audience which are then left open to the viewers interpretation.

It Only Rains Under

The body of work explores lingering emotions, after living through certain experiences, it focuses on the physical representations of trauma on physical bodies such as people or environments. The trauma experienced in turn creates a new distorted reality that holds them in its grip, confined in an emotional state that began as a coping mechanism. The project represents how eventually a person forms a connection with their experiences rather than learning how to move past it. How with the flow of time it eventually becomes a place of comfort p as they've lived in it and through it for so long, they don't know what lies beneath it anymore. The body of work highlights the flaws and imperfections of the aftermath that ensues.