Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lochlann Megannety 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hello! I've been studying graphic design here at IADT for the past four years. I've found that the thing that excites the most is creating something unconventional that will capture the attention and interest of my audience. Telling stories through functional systems and atypical solutions is central to how I treat design problems. Motion, branding, image making and typography are where my technical skills lie, however, communication and teamwork are skills that you wont see in more portfolio but I value and enjoy them more than anything.

Project Description

ZINOBINARACTUALISM is a speculative project that aims to visualise a future in which A.I. has become overwhelmingly powerful, so much so people worship it like a god. This absurdly satirises the fear of A.I. by exaggerating it, sparking a conversation about the extent of A.I.’s possibilities between people at the exhibition.

A Romantic Expression: The role of Gaelic type in the Irish national identity

This thesis argues that Gaelic type has been an expression of romantic Irish nationalism throughout the past century, 1922-2022. Tradition, heritage and vernacular expression are shown to be explicitly linked to Gaelic type’s role within the Irish national identity. It provides evidence of how the Irish government established a romantic Irish national Identity through the use of Gaelic type on forms seen throughout the nation. Romanticism expressed by Gaelic type is seen to permeate time through Irish culture, where Gaelic type is found in modern design and popular culture. Gaelic type on the national stage is also shown to construct and perform romanticism in the Irish national identity. This thesis uses sociological theories that explain the relationship between citizens and their national identity, people and their past and visitors and their journey. Gaelic type understood through the lens of these theories, proving its expression of romantic Irish nationalism.