Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Katie Callan 

BA [Hons] Animation

Katie is a Dublin-based artist with a strong passion for the animation process, with a particular love for background, character design and animation. Here you will find early development and finalized work from her short film "KIOKU", along with the official trailer. She enjoys creating worlds and characters inspired from my own experiences, music and the environment around her.


Putting all of his faith in a legend passed down through his people, a young boy sets off in search of an elusive white elk in hopes to be reunited with his late mother.

Each person has a compass that is directly attached to their soul, which is used by their loved ones to locate them. It is said that if you present the compass of a deceased person to the White Elk then it will reunite you with the deceased. However the only way to find this White Elk is by finding and following the trail of white flowers it leaves behind as it travels across different lands. Through his desperate journey to seek out this legend, the boy comes to terms with reality and shifts his focus from what he once lost to what he still has.

This story is inspired from events from my own life and my love for the Irish countryside.