Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Cian Bolger 

BA [Hons] Photography

Cian Bolger is a photographer and videographer from Dublin. Over the past few years he has been exploring art through photography, video and graphic design. Influenced by hip-hop music and culture, fashion and film. Cian’s artistic ventures have evolved greatly over the years from shooting gigs for artists such as Niko B and Kojaque, to running events for artists like SBK under his brand ‘Korpse’. Cian’s work in photography quickly sparked his interest into shooting music videos where he got to work with some of the best up and coming Irish artists. In the last couple of years Cian has been designing and releasing clothes under his previously mentioned brand ‘Korpse’.

Reprocessing Realities

Through the use of mixed media and photoshop manipulation Bolger creates new spaces within his portraits. Finding that straight portraiture was no longer satisfying him, he began to explore ways to morph and elevate his images using cues from his love of hip-hop music and culture, fashion and film. The resultant images are playful manifestations of his influences and the close understanding he has of his subjects.

How photography has influenced hip-hop culture and how hip-hop artists have used photography to influence hip-hop culture and style

This thesis is a discussion on how photography has been used throughout the years to help shape the culture of hip-hop and how the artists within this genre have used photography to gain and market themselves within the music industry. Focusing on hip-hop from the late 80's with the likes of Run-DMC all the way to the present with more contemporary artists such as Tyler, the Creator and ASAP Rocky.