Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Sam O Neill 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

Sam O'Neill is a talented and passionate writer and director. He has directed several short films, including "Elephant Factory" and "Some Strange Being," which have received multiple awards at film festivals worldwide. In addition, he has recently directed a music video for Sonys Verdigris Management working with the artist Smoothboi Ezra. As a videographer, he has created corporate videos and conducted interviews with clients such as Des Bishop for the 1% Podcast. Concurrently, he has been directing the feature film "No More Blue Tomorrows" for the past two years with other members of his course.

Whispers We Share

The film follows two characters, Noah and Emily, as they spend their final day together in
Ireland. Emily is moving abroad to study in Germany and the two know that their relationship is ending. Noah, a photographer has only got one more shot in his film camera and wants to take the perfect final photograph of Emily to capture their last day together.
As the two travel around Dun Laoghaire, they go through all of the places Emily wants to see before she goes and the places their relationship began.
Although these characters both love each other, they want different things in life. No matter how important they’ve been to each other it is time for them to accept that this is the end.
As Noah looks to capture the perfect photo, he ultimately has to accept that there's no way to authentically represent this
relationship he views as perfect.

Whispers We Share: A Deconstruction of the Love Story

In 'Whispers We Share,' I wanted to explore the complex emotions that arise when we're forced to say goodbye to someone we care about deeply. Noah's use of the camera throughout the film represents his desire to hold onto the memories of his time with Emily, and his reluctance to let go of their relationship. I felt that this theme was something that many people could relate to, and that it was important to capture the nuances of these feelings in a way that felt authentic and true to life.

Ultimately, 'Whispers We Share' is a film about the power of human connection, and the ways in which our relationships shape us as individuals. Through the use of an intimate collaborative process, I believe we were able to capture this theme in a way that feels authentic and will deeply resonate with audiences.