Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Beck Garrigan 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hey! My names Beck and I’m an aspiring graphic designer with a passion for purpose. I want to work and design in a way that can bring change. I have particular interest in branding, copywriting, illustrating as well as image making. I love using humour in my designs, particularly when using it to make harder topics more accessible. But really any creative medium or design type that helps provoke cultural change is something I will want to get involved with. I’m too queasy to be a doctor but there’s more than one way to help people.


BUZZKILL is in short, a new way of drug education. Using the grounds of harm reduction to help young adults make the best choice they can in that moment, whatever that choice may be.

Drugs exist, people will take them, saying "just say no" doesn't work. So BUZZKILL is here to be an accessible, blunt, easy and fun way to learn the little things that could very well save your live.

Sensationalism and Propaganda; An analysis of anti-drug and harm reduction campaign materials.

My thesis sets out to examine both the complex relationship between the public and the perception of an addict, with a specific focus on the United States; as well as analyse the effects from different drug use prevention and harm reduction materials as well as their presentation on an addict. I will take a specific look at the 2005 Montana Meth Project, the 2021 END OVERDOSE non-profit organisation and will also take a quick look at an Irish example, UISCE’s biannual magazine, Brass Munckie.
In doing this I hope to give a fair and fleshed out analysis on the different types of addiction prevention materials available to date, and also do an analysis on how addicts are depicted in anti-drug campaigns. As well as hopefully shine a light on what the most effective and conscious design strategy would be in this area of human issue.