Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Ciara Davis 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Welcome! I'm Ciara, a designer that uses my instinct alongside research, photography and UX/UI to make innovative work. My favourite projects have the users real stories and problems at their core. This inspires me to create a service that really meets their needs. (Wow!) An example of this is my website and identity design for a 'Feminist Archive' which won the clients brief in 2022. I love working with people, so get in touch!

Seisiun - Sounds Better Together

Seisiún is an app that encourages young musicians to return to and get involved in trad sessions. The “word of mouth” nature of trad nights is the biggest issue that new musicians face. Seisiún provides support through a schedule of events, setlists, and a network platform, making trad sessions more accessible.
Seisiún’s services give the best start to musicians as they return to sessions while also safeguarding the tradition for the future.

The Land of Meat - The Affective Nature of Irish Vegan Activism’s Visual Culture.

My thesis analysed the visual culture of vegan activism and examined how the movement has utilised different protest methods to achieve it's goals. I investigated these methods through modern-day vegan activism in Ireland; both in protests and printed media. By analysing these visuals I began to understand how these tactics are used by the vegan movement to affect the public, capturing and affecting their morals to further their own cause and spread their message. This thesis brings to light social relations between humans and non-humans and how the vegan movement is trying to shape new belief systems by incorporating political engagement into their activism.