Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lucía Dwyer 

BA [Hons] Film + Television Production

Lucía is a Dublin-based Sound Recordist/Mixer and Sound Designer. A National Film School graduate, she has worked on a number of short films, music videos, live performances and public launches, in both Location and Post Sound. She has worked on projects such as Hereunder, Vixen and End of the World Tour in 2023, as well as Umwelten IV.

Project Description

Lucía majored in sound at IADT which involved both location sound and sound design. Through her major she has acquired skills in necessary sound processes such as ADR, Foley, Location Mapping, Mixing and Music Composition. With proficiency in essential sound software and technology such as Protools, Ableton, MAX MSP, RX and Dolby Atmos. Lucía was head of department in sound for two National Film School graduate films in the year 2023, Vixen and Hereunder. On these films, she was lead sound operator as well as sound designer, and engaged in creating immersive soundscapes tailored to the tone and genre of her films. Lucía also took on an assistant sound department role on graduate film, End of the World Tour, where she assisted in both location recording as well as post-sound processes such as ADR, Foley, Stereo Mixing, and minor editing.