Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Val Myles 

BA [Hons] Costume Design

Hello, my name is Val Myles. I am a costume designer, with ambitions to specialise within the world of Drag Couture and Corsetry. I also work as a digital artist. Upon graduating I am planning on creating my own design business for drag performers - I have worked with Irish performers such as Celtic Tigres, Vicki Voltz and Viola Gayvis.

Nier Replicant - T.V. Series adaption

Based off a famous Japanese to Universal game, Nier Replicant is a fantasy game that revolves around an orphan on the search for the cure to his sisters illness, The Black Scrawl. I took the view on making this based in a post apocalyptic world in which the fashion is based from the 18th century period but is a bit more conceptual / fantastical.

The Corset - Passive to Powerful

As I have an obsession with corsetry, I have delved into the idea of how the corset has changed throughout history - been seen as a garment to entrap women in the patriarchy or seen as a modest undergarment. I also explored how the corset is viewed within society has evolved over time and also the evolution of its use. The corset as a garment, and its utilisation, has changed society's view and rhetoric through time - being compared to foot binding to being seen as a fetish garment, the idea of an undergarment becoming so controversial is definitely a remarkable feat.