Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Brandon O Sullivan 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

Hello, my name is Brandon O'Sullivan I'm an aspiring artist specializing in modelmaking and conceptual design attempting to make a mark in the entertainment industry. My desire to design worlds, characters and assets with such detail, individuality and perfectionism are arduous hurdles I adamantly pursue to understand and overcome. The concepts I present can occasionally be vast and complicated. I decided to extrapolate a previous years project that showed high promise in both the entertainment and agriculture industry with an emphasis on architecture, education and environmental research which may become a reality in the future.

The Vertical Garden

I will be making a real time presentation rendering of a proof of concept Vertical Garden that is self sustainable, multifunctional and reduces both carbon footprint and consumption of available space along with appropriate size and dimensions mirrored closely to our world. The goal is to present this to a handful of architects and investors interested in possibly designing such a building in the future as discussions behind population and climate have become frequent. However a massive compromise needed to be taken in creating such a complicated structure, originally set to have twelve primary sectors with a collection of floors, The overall gardens interior had to be reduced to merely 3, Upon my decision, I went about designing the public conservatory, the Aquaponics Maintenance Floor and the opening entrance/foyer including an outside courtyard to give off a sense of scale to the average pedestrian.

Storytelling and Worldbuilding: It Takes Two

The thesis in particular was a fairly opinionated topic amongst the public, how I wrote the chapters had to be narrowed down to solid reason by it's references and quotes with unbiased facts. Storytelling and Worldbuilding has become a seamless blend of the two within the entertainment industry and there has seem to be a recent occurrence of movies and videogames favoring one instead of the other. My thesis was to enlighten aspiring readers to understand the advantages and flaws between the two topics, how they play key roles when adapting them into other mediums and how their longevity in maintaining interest in the fanbase means substituting one topic over another.