Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Rían Kelleher 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hello! My name is Rían Kelleher and I am delighted to be graduating from I.A.D.T after three very enjoyable years. I have been a creator since watching my first episode of Art Attack and in more recent years at I.A.D.T where I have found a love for type and identity. Music and design play is a crucial part of my design process, and something I don't want to lose upon leaving I.A.D.T. Thank you for being interested in me and my classmates work. I hope to see you at the graduate show!

Project Description

Oddities is a free app which aims to encourage people to be more observant when walking by outlining weird and wonderful objects that may be hidden in your city.

Thesis Title

Drunken Animals to Conscious Connoisseurs,

Moving away from the drunken Irish stereotype with the introduction of trendy craft beers and non-alcoholics.