Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Joe Crossen 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hey! I'm Joe. I'm interested in using design as a tool for making positive change, and distilling complex issues into simple, cohesive design that allows the concept to take center-stage, with a focus on motion, UI, and editorial design. Last summer I completed a three month internship in Berlin at a wayfinding, brand identity, and UI design studio. I enjoy challenging myself by experimenting with new design processes and responding to issues that require rigirous research. Give us a shout if you like what you see!


A new system for recycling that allows users to recycle their domestic plastic waste into new objects, helping users sort their plastic and allow them to process it into a product of their choice at a local bring-bank.

Supergraphics: Decrypting the Cipher of the City

This thesis will explore the ongoing design challenge of the contemporary built environment,focusing on the role of supergraphics within this environment. This medium will be used to interrogate our relationship with the city, how we move through it, how it makes us feel, and how supergraphics have the power to sculpt environments in order to enhance the experience of the dweller. To frame this argument, there will include various publications that address the built environment from an analytical point of view, as well as some broader ideas in the realm of cultural theory and social science. Through comparative analysis of various literature and imagery of supergraphics, I hope to prove the importance of this medium as an integral part of the built environment, and consequentially the populace of a nation, from its emergence to present day.