Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Greta Mikulskaja 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

Hey, My names Greta. I've always loved art since I was young, I use to draw and paint a lot and eventually became fascinated by sculpting. I decided to join the Modelmaking course in hopes of doing fun hands on projects and learn some digital modelling. I love realism, texture, and anatomy, and hope to pursue a career where I can create detailed art whether physically or digitally.

Alien bust

For my final year project I wanted to choose something that would let me work on realism, texture and anatomy. I've decided to create an alien zombie bust as that would let my create a detailed piece with unfamiliar anatomy and let me explore strange texture. The purpose of this piece is to be a promotional display for a potential video game launch event.

How the worldbuilding in the game 'League of Legends' exists outside of the game.

For my thesis I looked how world-building can exist in a game that doesn't have a narrative in the game. League of Legends is a strategy-based game that has over 160 character to play but story is not an essential part of the game. However, outside the game all of the characters have well developed stories. I wanted to look at how and why it was possible for Riot Games to create extensive world-building for the game despite it not being necessary for the gameplay.