Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Lil Jones 

BA [Hons] Creative Music Production

I am a singer, song-writer and composer whose musical interests stem from a myriad of influences. To distinguish a niche, personal musical style, I have been experimenting within genres to further hone and push my vocal ability. Whilst advancing my compositional and song-writing capabilities throughout the process. My compositions combine my ideas and emotions, bringing them to fruition. Conveying the impact of my surroundings, navigating life as a young person with diverse lyrical writing in poetic, comical and heartfelt styles. I aim to establish myself as a producer for future projects, continuing collaborative endeavours, particularly in the live event sector.

‘EP - Trial & Error 404 + Event - Bleedin’ Fox: An Artists Appeal’

The projects objective was to create and debut an exploratory and unique EP, consisting of five songs each made with a different producer. The EP transcended beyond the conventional musical categorisation with a selection of compositions ranging in Lo-Fi, Grunge, R&B, Electro-Alt Pop and UK Garage-Break inspired genres. With emphasis on showcasing a vast vocal range and original lyricism expressing universal human experiences and struggles. Whilst simultaneously executing a mixed music and arts event, with numerous other creatives partaking. The event fostered collaborative, cultural and creative opportunities. Which was achieved by further developing into a small but ever-growing community of creatives and like-minded people.

‘The Combined Impact of Organising, Managing and Collaborating whilst Composing, Producing and Performing for a Mixed Music and Arts Event’

The research explores a multitude of elements within the project. Broken into two main categories; the first being the business-related side. Which encompasses the organisation, management and planning of a mixed music and arts event with Visual Culture student Dali Gallagher from N.C.A.D. The second being the music-related side. Taking into consideration; composition, production and performance for an experimental EP. Whilst the collaboration between music and art intertwining within both categories is highlighted throughout the research.
The research discusses various perspectives to ensure the optimal approach, method and execution of all aspects of the project. Covering angles such as; a foundation in the history of the arts in Ireland, creative festival and events management, the connection of music and art outlining the importance of interdependence, the encouragement of the chosen theme, a similar themed art exhibition, independent music production, an influential song and music psychology regarding the listeners and audience perception. Compartmentalising these perspectives and then combining them, all helped achieve the end goal.
The aim for the project was to provide a platform and opportunity, for creatives with immense talent who have not yet had an adequate chance to showcase it. Bridging a gap of exclusivity, lack of opportunity and collaboration within the cultural, creative scene in Ireland. Resulting in the project establishing a small community that is yearning to grow. The researchers foreseeable future aims to foster a continual and authentic event scheme genuinely passionate about the matter and the official release of the EP during the summer.