Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Aoife Haden 

BA [Hons] Photography

Aoife Haden is an Irish photographer, based in Kildare. Since the Pandemic Aoife’s photographic practice has led her to lean more into the film industry, using her photographic knowledge to create more cinematic still concepts in her work. Heavily influenced by Neo-Noir style films like Drive, Mandy and taxi driver, she focuses on using neon colour palettes and certain props and photographic techniques to create these dreamlike cinematic stills.

Project Description

Nocturnal Reveries” is a project technically inspired by cinema but based off of her personal experiences with dreams and specifically hypnogogic hallucinations which have for most of her life affected her everyday sleeping but caused a creative flow in her mind from the things she sees during the hallucinations and in turn using this project to recreate some of these experiences.

Thesis Title

This thesis examines the relationship between the still image (photography) and the moving image (cinema) over the last century focusing mainly on the Neo-Noir genre as visual examples, discussing the contrasting relationship between these two medias and the various artistic forms that they have been presented in. By delving into the history of how both media forms were created and the timeline of their growth, while also using photographic projects and movies from various artists using visual examples in order to fully demonstrate the importance of the relationship between the two medias.