Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Damien Tallon 

BA [Hons] Production Design

I returned to education to merge my fine art career with the of the world of Stage and Screen. I studied Production Design for Stage and Screen and am already working in the industry with 3 credits to my name, one of my most recent was on the RTE & AMC+ show Kin. I love all things cinema and art and I am delighted that now I get to combine my two loves.

Four Plays for Dancers, Moby Dick and The Island of Dr Moreau

These 3 projects are ones I found pushed me in my design thinking and also gave me a sense of pride in the outcomes. They gave me the push to grow my skill set and expand my understanding of certain softwares that have given me an added way of designing. Blending the more traditional, pencil and paints with the more modern digital methods is something I find adds to my designs.

The Evolution of the Joker: From Supervillian to Anti-Hero

In my thesis I looked closely at 3 different iterations of the Joker character. I then compared their growth across 3 movies, Jack Nichlson in The Batman, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. I looked at how each character differed in what drives them, compared origins and systemic circumstances. Are these characters speaking to a side of the viewers that the heroes just cant reach or is it not that deep. I really enjoy the research into this subject and found the process of putting together a scholarly work very fulfiling.