Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Creative Media Technologies 



Creative Media Technologists are practitioners who have a mix of practical skills and knowledge. They design, develop and apply creative solutions to problems. Over the course of their studies these graduates have developed advanced technical skills in engineering, programming, digital media, audio and video technologies through creative engagement in a wide range of practical projects.

These technical specialists are equipped to work in a diverse set of roles in the creative technology sectors; for instance, the commissioning of the systems in a studio, the technical management of a popular music event, commissioning of the hardware for web-based audio-visual platforms, as well as working closely with artists in creating installation pieces.

These graduates have a fundamental grounding in engineering, mathematics, technology applications and the sciences. In addition, they have a strong appreciation of the creative and artistic world.

The class of 2023 are producers and creators. They applied their technical and creative skills with great ingenuity to a wide range of tasks from the design of Artificial Intelligence visual identification platforms, gesture recognition for sign language, tone activated lock, alert system for a dog trained to detect seizures, pinball machine and guitar tuner.

We salute their efforts though the challenging times of the last 4 years.

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BSc [Hons]