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Dún Laoghaire

Charlotte Parker 

BSc [Hons] Applied Psychology

My name is Charlotte. I am 23 years old and about to complete my undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology. My Major Research project compared generations (Babyboomer, Generation X and Millenials) technology readiness and acceptance. I have found the area of forensic psychology to be very interesting and want to pursue a career using the skills I have learned. I have been accepted to a Masters in Law in the UK, which I hope to start in September 2023.

Project Description

The study examined the influence of individuals' generation (Babyboomers/ Generation X/ Millennials) on their Technology Readiness and Acceptance. A quantitative cross-sectional multivariate, between-group design was completed using online distribution of the Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model. The data from 63 participants (38% Babyboomers, 30% Generation X, 32% Millennials) born between 1945- 1996 was used to conduct nine one-way between subjects analyses of variance.

Project Objectives

The project used the TRAM scale and corresponding subscales to investigate technology readiness and acceptance between the three generations, Babyboomers, Generation X and Millennials. There is a lack of literature involving quantitative studies comparing three generational cohorts regarding technology usage. Furthermore, an Irish context had not been considered ion such a study. The aim of the project was to identify different generational characteristics, and investigate its impact on technology readiness and acceptance, The project also aimed to highlight differences in technology readiness and acceptance between generations.
The research question for the project was Does generational cohort affect an individuals technology readiness and acceptance?

Project Outcomes

There was a significant difference reported for the participants in the total TRAM scores (F(2,60) =3.988, p=.024), innovativeness (F(2,63) = 4.199, p=.019) and PEOU (F(2,63)=4.685, p=.013) based on generation. The results reported no significant difference in participants' optimism, discomfort, insecurity, PU, UI and DM based on their generation (Babyboomer, Generation X, Millennial). The implications of the present study suggest that innovativeness and PEOU are significant factors which vary amongst different generational cohorts regarding technology readiness and acceptance.

Thesis Title

Technology Readiness and Acceptance through the Generations: A comparative study of technology readiness and Acceptance between Babyboomers, Generation X and Millennials