Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Anuoluwa Kuye 

BA [Hons] Animation

Anu is a character designer and concept artist. She loves exploring a character's personality through their expressions, poses, body language, fashion style, hobbies etc. She likes looking at art books for animated films and wants to become a visual development artist. This year, she stepped out of her comfort zone, which is character design, and decided to work on improving her visual development skills. She learned a lot yet there's plenty of room for improvement, which she's excited about! It would be cool to have her work in an art book someday.

Character Design and Visual Development

I decided to specialise for my final year. I've always loved looking at art books for animated films and preferred the pre-production stage of animation. I specialised in character design and stepping out of my comfort zone, I also specialised in visual development. The majority of the work I did was character based but I also did some prop designs, lighting keys and one background.