Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Alex Madigan Vaughan 

BA [Hons] New Media Studies

I have just completed my degree in New Media Studies. I have a big interest in TV and Films. Final year for me was challenging yet rewarding. I explored many interests in my work such as examining one of my favourite directors Adam McKay which can be seen in my FYP Project

‘An analysis of Adam McKay and his films The Big Short & Don’t Look Up and how they use satire and the comedy genre as a means to critique neoliberal

My FYP is an examination of Adam McKay as a satirical director. I explore his switch from comedies such as Anchorman to political and economic satires like The Big Short and Don't look Up. These films have a connected topic that McKay is satirizing of Neoliberal Capitalism which is what I talk about in my Essay.