Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Caroline Mackey 

BA [Hons] Character MakeUp Design

My name is Caroline Mackey. I am a 22 year old design graduate, from Ireland. I follow my creativity wherever it takes me. Art has been something I have been incredibly passionate about my whole life. I love to collaborate with other fellow creatives, my particular focus being on how characters can be created for Film. Researching and designing the world and visualising characters as concept illustrations and seeing how makeup and prosthetics can bring them to life. I look forward to following my passion into the world of the Film Industry.

The loves of Lady purple

Angela Carter's ‘The loves of Lady Purple’ is a tale of magic realism. This fairytale focuses on a marionette with magical abilities beyond explanation.
There are patterns emerging where the character repeats many of their actions due to lack of control over themselves. Through the presentation of relationship, repetition , Carter suggests that individuals have little to no control of their lives and usually repeat actions by instinct. The relationship between the doll and the asiatic professor shows that the doll will never have full control over herself. The narrator points this out by stating: “she must have been the masterpiece of a long- dead anonymous artisan and yet she was nothing but a curious structure until the professor touched her strings for it was who filled her with necromantic vigour “. This declaration accentuates the idea that the doll is nothing without its master. It only repeats what the professor wants it to do, mimic him and life. The doll always repeats the same shoe under the professors control.

Gender fluidity online. How contemporary media artists use makeup as a form of self expression.

For my thesis I conducted a series of studies to analysis online profiles of 3 contemporary media artists I thought that best disrupted the gender binary using makeup and style. I took series of videos and images from the online personas and studied what about their self expression went against the gender binary that was out of the traditional gender norms.