Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Amy Gannon 

BA [Hons] 3D Design Modelmaking + Digital Art

Hello! I am Amy Gannon, a 3D Design, Modelmaking, and Digital Art student. My interests include Modelmaking (molding, casting, sculpting), Digital design (Autodesk, 3D Printing), Digital illustration (Procreate), and Film Editing (Adobe, Aftereffects). I hope to one day get a job in film production with the skills that I've learned in this course

Final Project: Geisha in Disguise

My final project features a bunraku puppet which will be used to tell the story of a character that I’ve developed using Japanese folklore. My character appears to be a graceful and beautiful Geisha which a Japanese Hostess that entertains male guests through dance and conversation. However, underneath this facade is a terrifying Ohaguro Bettari. This creature lacks a face except for a wide-open gaping mouth with jagged black teeth. These Yokai (Japanese demons) are known for luring men to their doom and consuming their flesh. This will create a juxtaposition as Geishas are known to possess ethereal beauty and are seen to be nothing but perfect whereas the Ohaguro Bettari is known to be quite dishevelled and seen as quite terrifying in Japanese folklore. This project will feature both physical and digital elements.

Thesis: Analysing the representation of Biblical Angels in Mainstream Horror Film and Television

This thesis aims to answer the question as to whether or not the dark representations of angels within horror are reflective of true angels that have been depicted in the bible. Or, have these creatures been exaggerated in order to instil fear into an audience as a way to selfishly profit from them.

Angels in horror often appear sinister and monstrous, far different from the holy angels that the average person grows up learning about in school or church. This may be done to frighten viewers, allowing creators increase the profit made from these films. Despite this, many filmmakers have written their films in a similar manner and have not received any negative press on their usage of angels. And considering that audiences have been building a more critical mindset over the years in relation to the realism being presented in films, it makes one wonder if filmmakers have been taking the time to research the character of an angel so they can present them in this fashion.

This will be done by analyzing the relationship between horror and religion over the years as a way to understand the reason behind this portrayal. Also, a study of angels in general will be taken in an attempt to understand the world’s view of them and to learn what the role of an angel is in society. This will include examining the narrative side of the bible to understand the actions and appearance of angels that have been reflected. In addition, works of art will be looked at to understand the visual construct of angels that has been manifested over time. Afterwards, these findings will be compared to mainstream films and television programmes prominent in the horror genre that feature an angel.