Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Beth McLoughlin 

BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design

Hi there, I'm Beth! I'm very excited to be exhibiting my work as part of the 2023 Visual Communications class. I am a passionate new designer with love for spatial, print and motion design. Through bright colours, bold copywriting and creative image making, I enjoy using my creativity to solve problems through design. In 2021 I was lucky enough to receive an internship to work for a Netflix production. While working here I found my love for working as part of a team, in a quick paced, high demanding environment. I've have loved my time learning in IADT and now I'm ready to pursue my travel dreams and explore design throughout the world!

Green Gigs

Green gigs is a collaborative organisation working towards lowering the carbon footprint of the music industry. Plastic can be found in every part of the world, from the top of Mt.Everest to the depths of the amazon. 500 billion plastic cups are used every year across the globe. If not recycled this plastic remains on Earth for upwards of 450 years, slowly migrating into our ecosystem. All plastic cups can be recycled but due to waste contamination and lacking efforts for correct disposal they spend their time rotting away and releasing their toxic chemicals into the environment. By reducing reusing and recycling green gigs is aiming to lower the excessive toxic waste being produced at concerts. By working with green gigs, music venues get the ultimate sustainable makeover, launching venues into the new future of prioritising environmental efforts and great music. Littering is out and sustainability is in! Responsibility needs to be taken, the planet is in crisis, we need to stop being wasteful. It’s time to get venues the green stamp of approval for a sustainable future.

Death by Denim

This thesis explores the expansion of the fast fashion industry with relation to denim jeans. We as consumers are constantly being manipulated by marketing and advertising to encourage us to spend. Shopping and buying have become a common activity for society because of propaganda and unconscious influences our minds have been targeted by when entering a shop. Advertising has had to change over time from selling a product, to selling the image of your life with the product because they can no longer guarantee quality. I explore the relationship we used to have with our clothing, how wearing a pair of jeans you once had for years would remind you of some good times in the past, we have lost this bond because of fast fashion expansion. We have no relationship with our wardrobe as there is a constant shift with trends which people abide by to ensure the idea of being “normal”. As a case study I chose Levi Strauss & Co to explore the journey this denim company has embarked on. They were a top well-established quality assured denim brand and are now struggling in the 21st century to stay afloat amongst the massive industry of fast fashion.